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Donde tus verdaderas fantasías animadas se hacen realidad.
Where your true animated fantasies come true.



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Warning: Only for adults / Advertencia: Solo para mayores de edad

Hi, welcome to my Newgrounds page: NatekaPlace, Nateka is a character created by me ... that at the moment my name will be Mr. Nahh, and here I will answer some questions you might have.


This month there were ups and downs, on the one hand I created several animated parodies and on the other hand Pornhub decided to eliminate several of them.

Various policies, censorship, problems in my country, one semester after finishing school, etc.

The pandemic continues, but so does life.

I wish you the best, take good care of yourselves and for now I will continue here.

Questions & Answers:


At the moment I will not make commissions, there is a probability that I will do it when I have more followers, maybe when I have 10,000 followers on twitter ¯\_(ツ)_/¯..... idk


I have seen that it helps a lot to artists who open a peatron, unfortunately I currently work and study, and I would not commit to opening a patreon and disappoint you, in not to keep my promises; In the future I will do it but that will be, when I have more followers :).


You can send me any suggestions you have but don't wait for it soon, (In some cases I will not, since I focus on the general public liking the idea) and please remember it is suggestion not obligation, It may take a day, a week, a month, or even a year. (more than anything for several suggestions you give me)

Do you live from this?

No, I am currently working part-time and studying (ironically nothing with animation or art) so my financial income is from my half-work.

What you don't drawn?

No furry (it's not that I don't like it, rather I don't know how to draw it)

No futa (well maybe)

No Childs (Although everything is fictional, but sometimes people can misunderstand these things)

No extreme fetishes

Where are you from and who are you?

Im from Mexico and for now I want to be an anonymous person.

What programs do you use?

Adobe Animated CC (Animation), Camtasia Studios (Sounds/Music) and Photoshop (Some backgrounds)

Why no spanish?

Well, I currently have more followers who speak English, pero no siempre hablo en ingles, and if you see any misspelling, I'm sorry :c


Share, like, comment, all that, I also have a PornHub page, which generates some money for the animations I upload to that platform, and with your curiosity and a visit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) you can help :)

Websites / accounts:

I will never ask you for personal information. These are my only accounts if someone tries to get you information and it is not any of these, please don´t listen to him/her.

Twitter (most used)

Newgrounds (most used)

PornHub (animations)

Rule34 (sometimes I upload)

HentaiFoundry (I don't use it so much)

Youtube (it's just an account)

Twitch (it's just an account)

9gag (it's just an account)

Patreon (it's just an account)

Tumblr (RIP 16/04/2019)

Devianart (I never understood)

July 2020

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